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is it true that you met Taz before the starship but you thought her name was like Phillipa or something???

Oh! Phillipa? She’s Tazzy’s (super pretty) twin sister, duh! I miss Phillipa sometimes:(

Do you still think bugs are icky?

Some bugs are!! Like, those mosquitoes. Those are super icky, plus they’re like vampires!:( And that Pincer, he’s icky, too! Roach is kinda icky, but he’s nice:) And my Bug is definitely not icky! He’s handsome and sweet and totally cute :) 

Ohmydeadgod! No way! Oh course I've heard of earth! that's where I live! It's not the most interesting place ever(which is why i'm mad we won't learn about other planets at school >.<) but I mean, it's home. Right, girl?

OMDG REALLY???!!! That’s SO effin’ cool! At least it’s not totes fugly like Bug World, Earth has cute things and shoes and chocolate:)

That’s why you should go to the Academy, silly! We learn all about shpace there :)

True!! I can’t wait to go back, I’m gonna show Bug everything!:D

OH my gosh! THAT PONY IS THE CUTEST. Do any other rangers like to play with ponies?

:D I know, right? Ponies are totally the cutest effing things I’ve ever SEEEENNN:) Actually, yeah!! Up, Tootsie, Krayonder and I watch this show about ponies all the time!! (Tazzy and MegaGirl secretly watch it but are too afraid to admit it) My favorite is Rarity!!:))))) Also, MegaGirl has her own pony, too!!!

Tell me what you think about Taz and Up. Why won't they ever show their true feelings?

EEEE!!!! I love gossip (: Okay, so, Up doesn’t have the balls to say anything (like, really, he has no balls!!) because he thinks that it’ll ruin their friendship and Tazzy doesn’t feel the same way. Well, he’s totally wrong. ‘Cause, Tazzy loves him! She’s afraid to show her feelings about him ‘cause she thinks thinks love makes you ‘weak’ or something. But she’s wrong, too! Love can make you even stronger, knowing you have something to live for:) Krayonder and I are betting on how long it will be until they finally kiss, but, shhhhhhhhhhh, Tazzy would kill me if she found out!!!!

February! You haven't posted in like....fur-eva gurl! What's up with you? Been busy with Bug? ;) I miss seeing you--well, your posts on my feed! So, tell me what's going on in your life, or on the Starship! OOh, and by the way, I found out I won't be learning about Bug World OR Farm Planet in my astronomy class. What kind a schience teacher does that!? oh, well. Hey, what planet are you from Feb? <3 Kat, Starship Ranger in training.

Awwwhhhh!!! I missed posting:) I was kinda stuck under Tazzy’s bed again… shopping-therapy has made that all better now, though!!:)

Well, I’ve been shopping, being schiency, trying to block out the memories from under Tazzy’s bed, the usual:)  Bug and I have been going on dates; we watched She’s All That :D 

OMDG!!!! What??? Why?? That schience teacher is not qualified!!1 

I’m from this one place, called Earth. You’ve probably never heard of it, though, it’s not as advanced as Farm Planet or anything:(

Hey February! I've been doing a lot of scrapbookin' lately and I just wanted to ask ya a coupla questions for my latest masterpiece. Firstly, what are a few of your favorite memories of our squad on Starship 15A-2? Also, what do you think it is about us that makes our ship just so dead goddamned adorable? Thanks Ranger--I can't wait to show all y'all the final product!

Oh, hiya Commander!!! Hmmm, well, I remember that time Tazzy like, literally shoved candy up Krayonder’s candy-ass! And that time Tootsie and I figured out you can made toast with Tazzy’s zapper, and when I found Spec’s special fork. OHHH, and that time we all got super drunk and I got to play with MegaGirl’s hair:D

Hmm, well I’m pretty adorable, so… me!!!:) (Oh, and you and Tazzy Taz. You two are totes the ‘It’ couple on board)! :)

So you wanna gossip? :)

Ooooohhh, like, totes!!!!:) What do you wanna gossip about?:D

You ok, Febs?

Oh, I’m okay! I was just kinda, like, hungover from last night. All better now!:D


Lt. Gwen

Whoa… my head hurts:(((( What happened..? :O! Meggy and the commander were DOING IT? WHERES TAZ??????